Farewell desert.

Dearest friends and family,

I write to you during my favorite time of day. The sun is setting slowly on my back as she ceases to provide the world with energy for the day. My body begins to slowly calm as it tires  and my mind settles to rest.

I’m sitting on a cliff looking down at the results of a natural disaster. This rainbow colored sandbox that I played in today is called “the small crater”. The crater was formed as a result of earthquakes, water pressure, flash floods and any other type of natural mayhem. The crater was once a giant mountain that through time caved in. Now, we can look inside the open mountain top and see the layers of the earth.  The walls of the crater are striped with sand of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink; each layer representing a different time-period. I am thankful for all the rocks that rumbled and the mountains that exploded and the ground that overturned and the water that bossed everyone around as they all worked together in a team effort to reveal to us the hidden colors of the earth.




The landscape of the desert tells the story of destruction and havoc although now it all looks frozen and calm.

During my desert experience, I have walked on over-turned boulders, volcanic explosions, and collapsed mountains. Just last week, we walked on a plank of earth that shot up at an 80 degree angle. I felt like someone had aggressively yanked up one of the floorboards of the earth and I was now walking along the ridge, trying not to fall off. Within this uprooted layer, springs were flowing,  flowers were blooming, ibex were running in packs, and birds were perching on the cliff to watch. It showed me that as a result of the calamity, a new habitat has been formed. And that is the story of the desert, the beauty that sprouts out of destruction.

desert4I have just a few more days of hiking in the desert. I’ll miss you!



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