Yoella’s Intro

Hey guys!

My name is Yoella and I’m pretty awesome.

Both of my parents moved to Israel in their twenties and all of their children were born in the Holy Land. When I was six, we moved to the States for financial reasons. My parents are still in Baltimore, but both my siblings and I all returned as if there is this magnetic force that keeps us close and connected to Israel.

For the past two years, I’ve been living at Kibbutz Dan (which is the ending point of The Israel Hiking Trail [and also one of the most beautiful spots in all of Israel]). Along with Nava, I was also released from the Israeli Defense Force last week; I was a Combat Fitness Instructor in the Tank Brigade.

It’s unbelievable that Nava and I met only two years ago, on a hike, and here we are planing this 5 month adventure together. We are going to be great hiking partners mainly because we are so different that we can compensate for one another. Most of the time, Nava comes up with a million and one ridiculous ideas each one more excentric than the previous. I make coffee, get off track, get back on track, and then we chose one of the crazy ideas and go with it.

For me, The Israel Hiking Trail (Shvil Yisrael in Hebrew) is a huge metaphor. Right now in my life, I am in a transition period; Recently finishing the army, experiencing for the first time not being in an organized framework (school, army, etc.). I really feel like I’m at a huge turning point in my life where now is the time that I build the image of who I want to be and start fitting into that mold. Not changing myself necessarily, but defining.

We weighed the option of having a goal for our trek, raising money for various grassroot organizations, and in the end decided against it. We will be posting information about different non-profits and some will even join with us for a day along the way. The point of this blog is to morph this adventure to something a lot bigger than a selfish experience; we want to share with you why we are here and what we are doing. In America, there is a huge rush to jump straight into college after high school and then graduate school after. That never made much sense to me. Why rush?

Life is the journey not the destination.


Can’t wait to get going. Thanks for reading this, it means a lot to us.




2 thoughts on “Yoella’s Intro

  1. I am in awe of you guys! This sounds like it will be an adventure of a lifetime. It will be both a physical journey of hundreds of miles through a changing terrain and also a spiritually trip as you seek out the core of who you are and what is important to you, to your society and to the Land itself.

    I salute you and support you! By the end I expect you will be in a different place on so many levels. You will be challenged and it is in coping with adversity that we grow and mature. Have fun, take lots of pictures and I look forward to avidly to reading your posts

  2. Hi Yoella,
    I loved reading about your hike. (Perhaps this will encourage more people in Israel to care about the environment and do something.) This is going to be great for both of you -an experience of a lifetime. I hope that you remember me. I used to babysit for you in Israel.
    Miriam from WI

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